SHO Bass is Canada's official builder of fEARful speaker cabinets, the premiere cabinet for bass players. The superbly designed cabinet offers not only incredible low-end, but also a smooth mid-range. Add the crystal-clear high end and you have a cabinet not only suited for bassists but also for drums, keyboards, and sound reinforcement as part of a full-sized PA.

Why Use Us?

As the only official fEARful builder in Canada, SHO Bass is the perfect solution when you need to feed your itch for über-bass performance! The cabinets we build are individually constructed with the utmost care according to the official Greenboy designs, crafted by hand to ensure sonic perfection.

And finally being located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, all units ship from within Canada so that you do not need to worry about items crossing the border. Whether you are visiting from Iqaluit, Vancouver, St. John's, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, or anywhere in between, SHO Bass is your premiere Canadian builder of fEARful cabinets.

What is a fEARful Cabinet?

fEARful cabinets were designed to fill the void left by commercial bass cabinet manufacturers. The fEARful design makes use of high quality drivers from Eminence and Eighteen Sound to deliver that much sought-after combination of small size, light weight, and ultra-high sensitivity. This allows fEARful speaker cabinets to deliver deceptively high SPL (sound pressure levels) in a single cabinet.

With the addition of a tweeter to the standard bass cabinet, the fEARful becomes a fully versatile beast that will meet and exceed your needs and expectations of what can be delivered by a cabinet.

Want more details on these cabinets? Be sure to check out the full specs for yourself.